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 Electronic Compact Bailout Rebreather

An exploratory R&D project towards a better acceptance of bailout rebreathers



Compact size when not activated

Smaller than a S40 tank, and very comfortable to carry.

Expands to full size when activated to bailout mode, by pressing two buttons in sequence.

The loop is pressurized to a few mbar above ambient pressure in carry mode, so it stays dry and ready to breath from when you activate bailout mode. Using the correct gas mix ensures that you may start breathing from the loop immediatly when you need it.

Stand Alone System

 Integrated composite O2 tank. No need for external O2 source.

You don´t need to carry an extra tank of oxygen as this is integrated into the canister wall and will give you 2 hours of bailout range (total time to surface), @1 litre of metabolic O2 per minute, @200 bar tank pressure. This tank has a rated working pressure of 300 bar.

You do however need to plug in a source of diluent gas (1,5 litre @200 bar is enough)

ExtendAir System Enabled

ExtendAir scrubber

Up to 2 hour endurance TTS!

The unique scrubber design is much more flood tolerant than granular sodalime and allows to use the cartridge in consecutive dives if you have not activated the bailout mode.

Fully Electronic Bailout CCR

META-CPOD with ShipSol mini solenoid plus Solid State O2 sensor. Cutting edge POSEIDON technology and firmware.

Our Solid State Oxygen Sensor (SSOS) means you don't have to worry about it. An SSOS needs no calibration and no replacement as it is not a consumable.

Consistent performance dive after dive, for many years!

This combination makes the ECBOB META-CPOD the most compact CCR controller in the market.

Keeps setpoint of 0.5 bar at surface, ramping up to 1.0 bar past 10m down to your max depth. After and when you have activated the bailout mode you can choose your preferred set point up to 1.4 bar.

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Diving freedom and safety like you never experienced before

 If you are interested in finding more abot the ECBOB, feel free to get in touch.


Project PROCiência Madeira1420-01-0247-FEDER-000003 EC - Electronic Compact Bailout Breather grant was approved in 2017.
The project started in January 2018 and was concluded in December 2020.

Total project budget: 471.370,05 €

63,96% funded by FEDER and Orçamento Regional da Madeira for R&D


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